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Why Unique is the Best?

It is only if students are not taught properly in the school, that they will need to go for tuition classes.

The Board Examinations of Std. 10 and 12 are already over. The students and parents are now free from the tension of Board exams. They are now trying to figure out the percentages they might secure in the Board exams. They are seeking guidance from the experts as to which course of study they should pursue further. Looking at all these movements, the Trust of Unique School of Science has also started to provide the necessary guidance to the students and parents.


The Trust of Unique School of Science is possessing around 10 to 25 years of educational experience. All the trustees are having a deep interest in the field of teaching as all of them are playing a role as a teacher. They are imparting education to the students in the classroom until date. Unique school of science has completed 5 glorious years and entered in the 6th year of their working. This school has been progressing right since the day of its inception.


This school is imparting formal education starting right from Std. 1 up to Std. 12. The trustees of the school themselves are providing teaching from Std. 8 till Std. 12 and so the students remain tension free from the botheration of occasional change in the teaching staff. Due to that, the students studying in Std. 10 and Std. 12 are able to perform impressively and score great percentages in the Board exams.


The students studying here do not require to go to tuition classes, because the members of the Trust over here had started their academic career through tuition classes itself. Therefore, the Trust members where already knowing that why do the students need to opt for tuition classes. It is only if students are not taught properly in the school, that they will need to go for tuition classes. The Trust of our school is well conversant will all such issues.


The members of the Trust had decided prior to the establishment of the school that we will provide such education to the students that they may not require to go for tuition classes at all. Even after 5 years of the working of the school, the members of the trust have supported this decision throughout and according to their views they are still not willing to show any negligence on this issue. None of the students studying in this school is going for tuition classes. Even then, the students are able to secure high percentages in the results. Even the members of the Trust are feeling proud about that fact. Due to such good tactics, it saves a lot of time of the students and a lot of money on part of the parents every year.

The school also ably provides the needed educational environment to the students. The classrooms of the school are prepared in such a way that they get complete air circulation. The classroom has steps constructed within it, so that the students sitting on the last benches may be able to easily see the teaching done by the teacher on the black board. Additionally, live teaching facility by making use of laptop and projector is provided in the classrooms. All the classrooms are confined with the CCTV cameras in order to keep a personal attention on each and every student. Due to all such exclusive facilities available in the school, the students are able to do continuous progress in their academic careers.

Introduction to the Members of the Trust of Unique School of Science

Shri N. P. Makadia Director

    Shri Makadia sir is working as the director of the school and is extremely conscious about providing quality education in the school, due to which Unique School of Science has become a renowned name in Dhoraji. He is also playing a significant role in the management of the school. He has also become known for providing quality Maths education to his students. He possesses 23 years of huge experience of providing Maths education to the students. He has made many students score 100 out of 100 marks in Maths exams owing to his dedicated efforts. His methodology of providing high level education is also believed to be one of the reasons behind the fame of Unique School of Science.

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Shri C. V. Vaghasiya Secretary

A person with more than 15 years of experience in the teaching field, Shri C. V. Vaghasiya is the secretary of the trust of Unique School of Science. He has made great contribution in the upliftment of the institute mainly due to his skills of solving every problem with deep insight. Moreover, Shri Vaghasiya Sir is known teaching Social Studies in a very interesting manner to his students. It is due to the easy and effective teaching style of Shri Vaghasiya Sir that many students have secured brilliant results in the Board exams of Std. 10.

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Shri V. J. Aghera Vice Secretary

Unique School of Science has established a reputed name in Dhoraji and is reaching new horizons of success due to its efficient Trust and management. Shri Aghera sir, who is the vice secretary of the trust has made significant attempts to ensure that students can avail quality education in the school. It was a dream of Aghera sir to provide education through projector in every classroom and he is a proud man on accomplishment of his dream. Shri Aghera sir is a master mind in providing easy to learn teaching of the science subject to his students. It is due his sincere efforts that many students are able to score brilliant results in Board science examination.

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Shri Rajendrabhai Surani President

Unique School of Science has completed 5 successful years and entered into the 6th year of its working. Within a short span of 5 years, today Unique School of Science has become the pride and prestige of Dhoraji town.


Unique School of Science, which is providing education from Std. 1 up to Std. 12, is also having the lodging and boarding facilities for out of station students. It is also providing school bus service for students residing in the nearby localities.


There is an immense contribution from the managing trustee of this institution, Shri Rajendrabhai Surani in providing all such important facilities.


It is due to the valuable contribution by Surani Sir that this institution has grown immensely over the years. Shri Surani Sir holds the credit as a successful teacher in addition to being a successful management person.


Shri Surani Sir has successfully imparting the teaching of English language to a mass of students. It is due to his simple yet effective and practical teaching style that he not only makes the subject easy to learn but has become one of the favourites of students as well as parents.

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Shri Devangbhai B. Vyas Vice President

The reason why Unique School of Science is achieving new heights of progress day by day is that over here students are educated with values in addition to the formal studies. Shri Devangbhai, who is the vice president of this institute, is a person with such noble values within him.

    Apart from being a capable teacher, he is also known for imparting true values to his students. Devang Sir, who is very calm and kind natured, is providing English language teaching to the students of Std. 8 to 12. English, being his favourite subject, he makes the language very simple and easy for his students. In addition to that, he is a person who always takes all the due care for the overall development of his students.

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